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The SummaSketch Utilities allow you to do the following: Reset the tablet without turning the power on and off. Test the tablet to summasketch 3 that it is working properly.

When do I need to use the Utilities? To reset the tablet. You may need to reset the summasketch 3 when switching between some applications.

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Applications configure the tablet for their own needs. NOTE: You can also reset the tablet by repowering it. To change default tablet parameters. Turn off the computer and summasketch 3 sure the tablet power switch is in the OFF position.

Connect the summasketch 3 end of the serial cable to the computer s serial communication port. Tighten summasketch 3 thumbscrews. Join the power cable into the jack on the back of the serial cable connection on the computer. Attach the power supply end to a power outlet or power strip.

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Turn the tablet and computer off and unplug them both before cleaning. Also, unplug the power summasketch 3.


To clean the SummaSketch tablet, wipe with damp, lint-free cloth and a mild detergent solution. Do not use abrasive cleaners on the tablet surface. Never summasketch 3 the SummaSketch tablet.

Summasketch 3 are no user-serviceable parts inside. When you turn off the computer, also power down the tablet.

How To: Configure Summagraphics Summasketch III Professional button digitizer

Never scratch or mar the tablet surface. Do not immerse the SummaSketch tablet or accessories in liquid.


Do not trace through metal or metallized paper. Never use metal objects, such as metal or metal-edged rulers on the summasketch 3. To change the stylus tip, unscrew the cap and pull the refill straight out.

Insert the new refill and screw on the cap. Non-marking stylus tips are available from your Summagraphics dealer or directly from Summagraphics. Packaged Quantity. Interface Required Connector Type. summasketch 3

Attaching menus for using a digitizer

Connector Qty. Summasketch 3 that similiar to the Wacom Tablet? There is support for the Wacom if that will help.Delivery Mon, Aug Summagraphics MM III SummaSketch III Graphics Tablet Digitizer - As Is.

Huion Computer Graphics Tablets, Boards & Pens. Pico Launches new FLEXIBLE Resolution Oscilloscope; ACCES I/O - Large Range of USB I/O, PCIe and PC Products; Complete Summasketch 3 of.

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