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Computer Peripherals. I suspect some early flight control setups for DOS did the same but relied on each game to provide support for reading sidewinder precision pro joystick simultaneous buttons correctly. But then controller manufacturers decided to get fancier and put electronics in the stick to send data in various proprietary ways to the computer, requiring specific drivers to work with each different stick or at least for each different brand.

Thus those sticks only work for the operating systems that have drivers. What sidewinder precision pro joystick irritated me about joysticks in the pre-USB era is to get a stick with 4 buttons typically cost 2 to 3 times the price of a stick with only 2 buttons. Then came USB and anything a stick designer wanted could be crammed in. Advanced Search. If this is your first visit, welcome! Please note that you will need to register to use many of the site's best features, including downloading files and sidewinder precision pro joystick messages. Strip the casing off the wires from pin 1,14,10, and 4 on the joystick cord. Do the same with all wires from the USB. Twist the corresponding cords together. USB Red with Pin 1 wire from joystick.


To provide power for the puck LEDs and drive the voice command and channel functions, a USB connection was also required. Microsoft discontinued the product in By then, the market for sidewinder precision pro joystick chat had seen intense competition from downloadable and free-to-use software like Ventrilo and TeamSpeakamong others.

These software packages only charge the host or server, whereas each person would have to own a Game Voice in order to use the hardware and software. As a result, the Game Voice ultimately lost that market. However, these competing software packages do not offer sidewinder precision pro joystick command systems. Microsoft has not released the hardware specifications so that an open source driver could be developed.

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The Freestyle Pro, released inwas a unique gamepad, as the up-down-left-right directions in analogue mode were controlled by the physical movement of the controller, more precisely by the absolute pitch and roll position of the pad. Games such as Motocross Madness which was bundled with sidewinder precision pro joystick designed for the controller profited from this physical interaction. The left side of the controller features an eight-direction d-pad which function varies depending on which mode the controller is on. The control pad had a total of ten digital fire buttons: six buttons controlled with the right thumb named ABC XYZtwo shoulder buttons one left, one rightand two buttons controlled with the left thumb, one named startthe other marked with a shift key symbol as the SideWinder software allowed to use this button to shift controls for the ABC XYZ buttons - on the driver side, it was just an action button like the others.

In analogue mode, the x- and y-axis were controlled by the analogue controller movements, and the D-pad was used as a hat switch. In digital mode, the D-pad controlled the x- and y-axis like a traditional digital control pad therefore, there was no hat switch function in digital mode. Site Feedback. Tell us about your experience with our site. Click on properties to test and you can calibrate and enjoy WW2 fighters once more. However, due to a flaw in the sidewinder precision pro joystick of the Precision Pro, in rare cases the stick would build up a static charge in its electronics and require either a complex process to discharge that was not always successful, or simply needed to stay unpowered for a number of hours to slowly discharge on its own.

The only moving parts were mechanical on the throttle and joystick pivots which gave this joystick virtually unlimited lifetime. The Precision Pro 2 had reintroduced potentiometers to save money and thus their lifetime was limited to wear and tear of the potentiometers. Thanks to the timing of the launch of the Precision Pro to coincide with the widespread launch of USB along the ergonomic corrections and rarity of the static charge problem, the Precision Pro saw a much higher sales volume and review scores than the earlier 3D Pro.


Built on the design of the Precision Pro, the Force Feedback Pro differed only in the inclusion of motors for the force feedback effects, and the lack of USB compatibility. A DIY converter sidewinder precision pro joystick exists. Due to the inclusion of the motors, the Force Feedback Pro was significantly larger and heavier than the Precision Pro, making it easy to differentiate between the two.

Microsoft SideWinder Precision Pro (32600105) Video Games Controller

As the PC joystick port is input-only, the only way for data to be sent to the joystick to trigger force feedback events is to use the MIDI capabilities of the port. This means that force feedback would be unavailable on the earliest of PCs, where the gameports lack MIDI functionality. The basis of Microsoft's last generation of SideWinder joysticks, the Precision 2 design was a further refinement of the previous Precision Pro. Compared to the Precision Pro, the Precision 2 dropped the Pro's shift button, replaced the throttle wheel with a more traditional lever, and rearranged the face buttons on the stick into a symmetric design. The Precision sidewinder precision pro joystick also dropped all gameport compatibility by only shipping in a USB version, and was slightly smaller and lighter than the Pro. Compared to the Force Feedback Pro and the Precision 2, nothing new was added to the Force Feedback 2 that wasn't added to the Precision 2, in fact the shift button was taken away.

Is there any patch for this?

Controller still in original bag never used. See details. Buy It Now.Microsoft introduced the SideWinder Precision Pro inSignatures can be seen inside the joystick, on the base coverplate.

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Product description. Microsoft SideWinder Precision Pro - Joystick - 7 button(s) - black. Microsoft(r) SideWinder(r) Precision Pro Now available with .

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