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Unfortunately, you cannot "just enable 2 input ports" for recording and disable the rest.

It's either a bug or limitation in the mLAN patchbay - either all 8 inputs are active or none at all. It looks like a bug since there are menu drop downs for presonus firestation mlan entry with an associated disconnect choice - but choosing one affects all entries.

Presonus Firestation - Read This Harmony Central

I have done so successfully and will report back if this helps CPU performance. I would suggest switching between active input ports and disabled ones for mixing down. Apparently the Firewire traffic does bog down the CPU. The Firestation seems like a solid hardware device. The preamps sound good and the overall sound of the unit is very clean. The drivers seem to be written by Yamaha so support of the drivers and bug presonus firestation mlan seems unclear.


Sometimes a call back can take more than a day. Tech support is friendly and helpful.

The unit takes up quite a bit of CPU power just handling the Firewire port, this may be a factor when considering a purchase. I haul half a ton of PA along with my Bass rig add lbs and wires are coming presonus firestation mlan of my arse Otherwise, 3 ms to 10ms in the studio makes little difference to me.

I was getting excellent throughput in Sonar for the first few days. I was all over the latency setting, driver selecting, wave profiling for 4 hours and I finally went in and presonus firestation mlan the latency lower in mLAN control panel.

PreSonus Firestation

I suspect I might have cranked the mLAN controlled down a bit too much. Since you have banged presonus firestation mlan head hear Hope to hear more from you on this as I.

Sorry Tex, I happily purged that part of my brain when I offed my unit. I do recall 10ms was about the best I could do and only WDM worked. I honestly believe 10ms was closer to 20ms, having done 10ms presonus firestation mlan other cards now.

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Its a damn shame that mLan didn't become ubiquitous because I hear your pain on the cords. Look around on eBay and check some of the prices, most of them even come with some sort of a DAW just incase you presonus firestation mlan none this will be an all in 1 package for you. Did you find this review helpful?

Presonus Firestation - opinions?

Balance with a MOTU at the time of purchase, it presonus firestation mlan the only store and then there were these preamplifiers lamp I first used a Mac G4 MHz, there were a lot of latency. Presonus firestation mlan mainly record my voice, a guitar or a horn with one or two microphones via the integrated preamplifiers. The synthesizers go through a mixer before entering the line. There is now more updated thank you Yamaha mLAN and that did not work.


Latency is presonus firestation mlan and does not pose a problem recording.Any mLAN compatible keyboard such as the Yamaha Motif or Korg Triton Studio can be seamlessly patched into the FireWire ports of the FIREstation to send. FIREstation Quick Start Guide Mac OS 9.x and OSX - EN. KB PDF.

English. Misc.

PreSonus: 10.2.5+ supports FIREstation

Documents. mLAN Windows XP v In-Depth Setup Guide - EN. MB.

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