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July These are the steps you will need to follow to obtain the latest released WDK:. In particular, PC-Lint can find unused structure elements, functions and global data. Description Donn Terry is a Software Prefast for who's been writing driver code for Windows for a very long time Setup a private space for you and your coworkers to ask questions and share information. Average of 0 out of 5 stars 0 prefast for Sign in to rate Close. What are the best open-source static code analysis tools for Java?

Description Donn Terry is a Software Developer who's been writing driver code for Windows for a very long time Note that this uses the notation from the Visual Studio MSDN documentationwhich doesn't correspond to any version of sal.

One thing that you'll quickly notice when you start annotating your code with SAL is that unless you're exceptionally disciplined you've taken various shortcuts that need to be fixed. For example instead of:. In other words the return value is being overloaded to prefast for two tasks at once. This is why I mentioned earlier that you should plan to take at least a few weeks on prefast for if you want to do the job properly.

Code Analysis for Drivers

Using PREfast effectively isn't just a case of spraying annotations around your code, you actually have to put in a bit of effort to fix problem areas. In other words by including in a global header code like:. Here's prefast for extract from the header file I use with SAL:. This has prefast for the odd-line sal.

A final advantage is the fact that you can use this extra level of indirection when prefast for SAL annotation format changes. An earlier section mentioned the changes in prefast for annotation format from Visual Studio to Visual Studioby using indirection you can say:.


Note that this uses the notation from prefast for Visual Studio MSDN documentationwhich doesn't correspond to any version of sal. This function takes a block of memory of up to maxLength bytes and returns the byte count in length :. Note that PREfast can perform much better checking if you provide an explicit length although calling strlen to fake out the analyser just before prefast for call the function isn't going to help much. The TR safer-C functions also address this in some detail. If anyone has any further common patterns that they'd like to see listed here, please let me know.

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One problem that every code analysis tool has is false positives. Fortunately PREfast has relatively few of them, with one big exception: If a pointer is supposed to be prefast for, it'll complain if you use it without checking it first. PREFast Tool - social. Yes No. Any additional feedback? United States.

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In the short two years since you posted this, Microsoft made one of their sea changes. The sal.

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I wouldn't have noticed except Prefast for went to look at the declarations to see some details. Forgot your password?

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Please Sign up or sign in to vote. What is PREfast? Annotations Annotations are special macros. What PRE f ast Can Detect PRE f ast prefast for detect several significant categories prefast for potential errors in your code as soon as you can compile it, including the following:. Asked 10 years, 1 month ago.This article will describe basics of static code analysis with PREfast in Visual Studio.

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Also, it will reveal basics of static code analysis with PREfast in Visual Studio. PREfast is a utility for static code analysis (it means that analysis is done at compile time). PREfast is prefast for in the Windows Driver Kit (WDK).

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Start here for instructions on how to get the WDK:

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