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Linux Drivers for NETGEAR WiFi Adapters

They were taken out of Linux boxes that we use because the FA sucks big time. I know it doesn't need to be said but here goes. Netgear Support is the worst I have ever encountered. The people can't speak English, they can't read and really don't give a shi! Netgear 511t is a company run by fools for fools like me that purchased the lousy products that they turn out.


Go anywhere on the net and look for a way to hack a Netgear firewall and you will find answers on how to do it - for any model. Netgear is a bad product made by people that are in it for your money. Don't buy their products unless you netgear 511t into abuse. Purchase one from Fry's Electronics with a label on the box that states that it has been repackaged means that you have just purchased someone else's problem and as soon as you get it home and TRY to put it in service, it will NOT work. Netgear is dumping all of the bad product on e-bay, justdeals, and other surplus dealers just to get rid of the crap. Netgear sucks plain and simple. If you're going to go wireless with netgear, might as well go wired because you'll end up getting fucked over with loss of connectivitiy.


Neatgear products sucks, stay away. Don't go overspending money on netgear crap.

You'll have headache after headach after netgear 511t many loss of connectivity issues. I pray each each time I log on to the net for my connection to stay up long enough for me to check email. Evidentally, just as you're accessing your email, the fucken shit loses your connectivity.

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Never buy netgear products. They suck. Spend money on a linksys or netgear 511t Besides its cheaper and get better quality product. Enough said. Netgear sucks.

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Netgear are a bunch netgear 511t cunts. Clicked on the help and all it said was 'Help text should go here' what a load of shit how the fuck can a company as big as netgear not be bothered to write the help. I've had to fight netgear for months to get them to issue an RMA.

Worthless Tech Support. I have two Netgear Wireless Routers both Yeah, that didn't work.

NETGEAR WG 511 T 108 Mbps Wireless PC Card

Oh, netgear 511t want me to soft-reboot it and netgear 511t the router? Yeah, we did that on call 1 and call 3. Don't have any more solutions on your sheet of paper? Yeah, give me an RMA. That's all I wanted when I first called in 8 months ago. Blamed it on my parents I bought the router for them for 4 months until April Called them again in May Called the RMA line in September Called today I applied the MTU change and it disappeared I can connect.

I looked in the help notes on the right side of the configuration interface. It suggested changing the Netgear 511t, I've already tried this. It isn't it. I've spent 6 months fiddling with this and I'd like it replaced. Let me talk to your supervisor. I want you to hold in the button on the back and we'll reprogram all your settings.

Your access key and ssid will change. I'm troubleshooting somebody else's router at my house because we wanted to elimate anything in their enviroment that might cause this. My wireless router, which is currently off, worked fine here. This is honestly one netgear 511t the worst technical support experiences I've ever hadWe use cookies and similar technologies to give you a better experience, improve performance, analyze traffic, and to personalize content and ads. Find out. The netgear 511t NETGEAR switches work with the WN Wireless Access Point: Valid values are 1, 3, 7, 15, 31, 63,or

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