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NET Appropriate network support is enabled. PPT Parallel port support is enabled.

IA IA architecture is enabled. IMA Integrity measurement architecture is enabled.


If there are multiple matching configurations changing the same attribute, the last one is used. It can also be changed with klogd or other programs. Libata assign default size is set in the kernel config file. This may be used to provide more screen space for kernel log messages and is useful when debugging kernel boot problems. Libata assign port specification may be 'none' to skip that lp device, or a parport name such as 'parport0'.

Kernel Parameters

To determine the correct value for your kernel, boot with normal autodetection and see what value is printed. Although unlikely, in the extreme case libata assign might damage your hardware. Setting this option will scan the memory looking for corruption. Enabling this will both detect corruption and prevent the kernel from using the memory being corrupted. Use this parameter to scan for corruption in more or less memory.


Use this parameter to check at some libata assign rate. Each pass selects another test pattern from a given set of patterns.

Libata assign fills the memory with this pattern, validates memory contents and reserves bad memory regions that are detected. TinyBIOS version 0. This parameter is not necessary when using the VGA shield.

The touchscreen support is not enabled in the mainstream kernel as of 2. A value of 0 disables mminit logging and a level of 4 will log everything. If movablecore on its own is specified, the administrator libata assign be careful that the amount of memory usable for all allocations is not too small. The remaining blocks are configured as MLC blocks. Once locked, the libata assign cannot be changed.

Hdparm (8) - Linux Man Pages

It is largest continuous chunk that could hold holes aka. Libata assign entries. It is granularity of mtrr block. Default is 1.

Large value could prevent small alignment from using up MTRRs. It libata assign spare mtrr entries number. Set to 2 or more if your graphical card needs more.

This usage is only documented in libata assign driver source file if at all. If zero, the NFS client will fake up a bit inode number for the readdir and stat syscalls instead of returning the full bit number.

Libata-dev/ at master · jgarzik/libata-dev · GitHub

The default is to return bit inode numbers. Servers that do not support this mode of operation will be autodetected by the client, and it will fall back to using the idmapper. To turn off this behaviour, set the value to '0'. If zero, no implementation identification information will be sent. This is required for the Braillex ibpiezo Braille reader made by F. Papenmeier Germany.Allow kernel to allocate libata assign memory region from top, so could be above 4G [LIBATA] Disables use of ACPI in libata suspend/resume when.

[v2,3/3] libata: use blk taging - Patchwork

_hpa=1 ignore libata assign, using full disk. [LIBATA] Disables use of ACPI in libata suspend/resume. when set. Format.

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