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Together, they reveal Fourteen's true form as Jashin 14 and destroy him, freeing everyone from brainwashing. Kamen rider diend, Junichi revealed he was never under Fourteen's control and was working for him on his own free will. Diend and Glaive fight, though neither has the will to kill the other, especially after Tsukasa tells them that brothers must look after each other, no matter what. Wanted: Diend End of Diend.

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Junichi and Daiki go their separate ways as Daiki travels to the next worldwith the intent to obtain the Shinkengers ' Origami. Deciding to fight him as he cannot lose him, Daiki gets an unexpected visit from Kamen rider diend who steals his Diendriver and hounds him until he kamen rider diend his way to Tsukasa who has Yusuke take him back to the Hikari Studio.


Color and form kamen rider diend the product may differ from the actual product and what is seen on screen depending on monitor settings. Package Item picture See more Item series : S. Kohei Murakami of Kamen Rider fame played a medical experiment subject.

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Kazutoshi Yokoyama and Eitokutwo suit actors commonly used by the Kamen Rider kamen rider diend team portrayed security guards in the TV Asahi building. The original characters for Kamen Rider G are all wine -themed.

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Can't wait to see Figuarts Seihou Diend kamen rider diend it. Yet another year and another Tamashii Nations fall event have come and gone! But when the Rider War starts, he shoots Decade at point blank range marking future battles. Rider War: Prologue Destroyer of Worlds.

After Decade is destroyed, he and Natsumi meet Kamen rider diend Kurenai who explains Decade's role as a substitute for the riders of the A. When Tsukasa is revived, Diend joins the fight against Super Shocker. After the struggle he is seen with thegang posing for a picture. In the film, Daiki allows himself to kamen rider diend possessed by a Relict Imagin in order to travel back in time to November 22,and steal a gold-plated gun from the Kurosaki family estate, a heist he failed to perform on that date in the past.

Diend Memory. Included in this pack: 1. Weapons: Diendriver.

Part of me was kamen rider diend they'd just use him for scenes and I'm very happy to see they went all out and gave him a Neo DiendDriver and let him roll with a new look. Can't wait to see what kind of chaos he'll cause in the upcoming episodes! Just learned something! He eventually gets it back from Shinken Gold when Chinomanako is destroyed by the combination of Decade, Kuuga, and the Shinkengers in exchange for the origami he stole. Diend manages to infiltrate the Dai-Shocker base and learns the armlet is in the possession of Llumu Qhimil. He joins Decade and Amazon in a fight against the ten faced demon and after GiGi Armlet is stolen from Amazon, Narutaki presents Kaito with a card that will make Diend stronger on the condition that he defeats Decade. Kaito takes the card but says that there are other options as well.

The riders then destroy Llumu Qhimil and Diend joins the Hikairi Photo Studio as a traveling partner into another world. They end up in the worst possible world as they enter the World of the Rider War from Natsumi's nightmare. Daiki joins the Rider Battle Tournament as one of the final winners, he shows himself and telling Tsukasa is too rush and makes Daiki only able to steal GiGi Armlet from the defeated Kamen Rider Amazon. He later infiltrate Dai-Shocker with disguising as one of the Shocker trooper, show himself when protecting Natsumi and Narutaki from Shockers attack.

When Narutaki makes a suggestion to call all the surviving riders to stop Dai-Shocker, Daiki makes a stupid decision to invite Kamen Rider Ouja and KickHopper to join alliance with him. Of course due of their wild nature, they are willing to join Dai-Shocker instead join him to destroy them, when some of the Dai-Shocker armies appeared, Daiki and Natsumi are halted by Ouja and KickHopper when they want to make an escape.

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However, General Jark overwhelmed him and before Daiki is finished, Tsukasa comes in aid. Of course, like any other Movie Exclusive form, he sees release in the form of an exclusive. Main article: List of Kamen rider diend Rider Decade episodes. Main article: Heisei Rider vs. Super Sentai.

Decade also has Tesla Bands, but does not use them [5]. Jerk with a Heart of Gold : Kamen rider diend like Tsukasa however, he has his moments.

Meaningful Name : His surname kamen rider diend be translated as kamen rider diend. Also plays the trope straight once, summoning the Riotroopers from Kamen Rider Daiki Kaito (海東 大樹 Kaitō Daiki) is Kamen Rider Diend (仮面ライダーディエンド Kamen Raidā Diendo, Masked Rider Diend), who is one of the fictional. Daiki Kaito (海東 大樹, Kaitō Daiki) is Kamen Rider Diend (仮面ライダーディエンド, Kamen Raidā Diendo), who is one of the fictional characters and secondary.

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