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I suspect only Asus staff would have access to that and it's certainly not safe to assume reference designs have been used throughout by OEMs. Finally, please understand, the reason I'm posting here is precisely because I do want to contribute to helping those experiencing problems - that's always one of my main motivators for posting here! If I thought for one moment that posting in the Intel Motherboard forum was the best place for Asus motherboard owners to get such issues resolved I'd be all ears but having worked as intel 82597 v computer technician and dealt with the tech support depts for many brands and used their forumsI know, from experience its important to direct your energies to those responsible for the product you have.


Please understand that I'm not saying this because Intel 82597 v 'bothered' by your posts and I'm not 'complaining about having to hear this' it's also not that I'm concerned about the Intel forum filled up with posts from Asus board owners - I've already suggested it could be discussed in the Wired Ethernet Intel forum. I truely hope that those so affected contact either the Asus people where it'd be best dealt with IMO or failing that, use the wired ethernet Intel forum - if you know what's in your best interests you will. As this thread is already quite long and 'established', I don't know if the moderators would move it. Just thought I'd update my specific issue.

It was the cabling. I had some left over cat5e, so I created a new cable. Now it's working at mbps intel 82597 v any disconnection. I hope the OP and other people have their issues resolved as well. Thanks for the input everyone.


It has been difficult for us to consistently reproduce this issue for investigation, so we would love to hear about anybody's results after loading our latest software. Version I didn't read through the thread, just wanted to throw a quick suggestion out there. I've been having the exact same issue as originally described, and I have also intel 82597 v all the suggested fixes to no avail. I downloaded and installed the new version of this software After installation or messing about with options, I will have sync for roughly 30 seconds, then it drops out, and I'm back to square one again.

I've re-tried all the previously suggested intel 82597 v on the new software as well, but still no luck and no stability We have another driver refresh planned that will be available in late Q1.


In the meantime, I intel 82597 v to make sure we collect details on each report to help with reproduction and fixes. You said you "downloaded and installed the new version of this software.

What components intel 82597 v you install? Driver only? Are you using default driver and network connection settings? What is the make, model, and hardware rev. I am asking about the hardware revision, because I have noticed that even though the make and model stay the same, the hardware tends to go through several revisions.

Is a firmware update available for your link partner? Some devices cannot be updated, but some can be updated. Intel 82597 v when you buy them new in the store, they don't always have the latest firmware installed. What is the speed of the link partner? Is the link partner set for auto negotiation on the port? If not, what speed and duplex setting are you using? Make sure that your cables are good quality cables with all eight wires connected. I recall one comment where changing the cable fixed the disconnect for someone.

10/25/40 Gigabit Ethernet Controllers

I do not remember which thread I saw that. If you never updated the BIOS on your motherboard, you might want to give that a try. Thank you for the information.Downloads intel 82597 v Intel® 10 Gigabit Ethernet Controller.

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Intel® Intel 82597 v 10 Gigabit Ethernet Controller. Filter by. Download type. Description, Type, OS, Version, Date. Intel® Ethernet Adapter Drivers for MS- DOS*. This download record installs version of the Intel® Ethernet Adapter.

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