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IBM pas their drivers regularly. For comparison of the two databases the difference in the percentages as a function of N is discussed. Some eigenfunctions de- scribe image variance that is relevant to classification, and others ibm 8188 qpr variation that is representative of noise. If an eigenspectrum is wide, then the percentage variance described by the N leading eigenvectors will be small. If the cross validation percentage recognition is high, then the information discarded by using an incomplete KLT is irrelevant even though there is much of it. Alternatively, if the eigenspectrum is narrow, with much of the variance captured, then a low recognition rate implies that the discarded transform coefficients are valuable.

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This latter sensitivity to the high-order KL-transforms is undesirable since the motivation for feature extraction is reduced dimensionality. The matrix hcis rank two and dimen- sion equal to the number of databases in ibm 8188 qpr comparison which in this case is also two. The row and column indices of the matrix denote, respectively, the databases used for training and testing. The absolute classification ibm 8188 qpr rates in the matrix are taken as irrelevant since the entries were all produced using the same classifier which was not particularly well optimized. The interesting features are the relative percentages discussed below. The first u partitions of database i are used as training sets for the u-fold cross validation of the database. In the case of u-fold partitioning of the training set there will be uv results the mean of which is c,j. All mean elements have an attached sample standard deviation.

The standard deviation is also ibm 8188 qpr function of the data set redundancy. For instance, consider a database to ibm 8188 qpr a copy of itself is appended, and which is classified with, for example, a single nearest neighbor algorithm. Perfect recognition could then be achieved if, as in the cross validation scheme used here, the partitions are contiguous blocks from the dataset.

They are used to assess whether two distributions have the same mean and the same vari- ances. Ibm 8188 qpr entire corpus of human hand-printed characters may ibm 8188 qpr considered as one distri- bution of which SD3 and TDl are subsets, but for this study the two sets are extracted from different distributions, namely the two social writer groups outlined in the introduction. The t-test quantifies the difference in two means as a function of their mutual root mean square standard error. The attached significance, p is again a probability. Small values indicate significantly different variances.


The statistics are derived from the two samples obtained by testing the 10 partitions of SD3 and TDl data using one ibm 8188 qpr other training set. In all cases, digits, upper-case and lower-case letters, the calculated value of the t is found with very low significance indicating the mean differences are not at all spurious. The numbers of characters in these ten sets were not identical but varied by only 0. The number of SD3 digits totalled The writers of TDl were similarly partitioned.

The number of TDl digits totalled The mean of the zero-rejection-rate error rates for the cross validations are quoted on the diagonal of the Table below. The first partition of SD3 writers was ibm 8188 qpr as prototypes for the classification of all 10 sets of characters of TDl, and vice versa.

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The on-diagonal elements of the cross validation matrix show that SD3 is a less diverse digit set than TDl. That is the test partitions of SD3 are more like ibm 8188 qpr training sets, in the nearest neighbor sense, than is the case with TDl.Model IBM ThinkCentre M50 - DT - P4 3 GHz - MB - 40 GB.

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Intel Pentium 4 3 GHz. L2 cache - 1 MB. This page contains the list of device drivers for IBM ThinkCentre M50 (QPR).


To download the proper driver, first choose your operating system, then find.

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