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The left hand side offers hp zr2440w power connection for a normal hp zr2440w lead. OSD Menu. I have used the photos of the OSD menu from the ZRw review here rather than replicate them again, so you will notice that the resolution listed is x in some of these photos. Of course this screen actually runs at a native resolution of xbut the menu remains the same apart from that.

The OSD menu is accessed hp zr2440w and easily using the left most control button. This brings you first of all to the main menu as shown below.

The main menu gives you access to 10 sub-sections. Pressing 'ok' enters you into any of these sections where you can control the associated options. Some sections are very brief, like the brightness hp zr2440w contrast sections.

HP ZR2440w 24-inch LED Backlit IPS Monitor Product Specification

Once inside, you can again highlight the relevant option and press ok to control it. This works well and is fairly intuitive. There are more options available in hp zr2440w sections. The 'color' menu gives you access to the 3 preset colour temperature modesas well as the customisable RGB mode. The image hp zr2440w gives you access to a few interesting features which we will look at throughout the course of this review. These include custom scalingvideo overdrive and dynamic contrast ratio. There are options to control the OSD menu itself and several options relating to power management in the associated sections.

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The language section hp zr2440w you to change the language of the menu and the information section gives you basic info about the screen and resolution. Note: the photo above of the information section has come from the ZRw screen as information hp zr2440w vary from the ZRw.


Finally hp zr2440w source control menu allows you to manually change between the different interface connections. Overall I felt there was a good range of options available and the menu was easy enough to use. It might have been nice to see some more preset modes for different uses. The menu also sometimes seems a bit long-winded to exit if hp zr2440w have drilled into several layers.

You can access the monitors factory hp zr2440w menu as well but be careful not to change anything without knowing what you've done or how to change it back. Use the menu at your own risk!

HP ZR2440W Specs

To access hp zr2440w factory menu, hold the main 'menu' button down while powering the hp zr2440w on. Once on, press 'menu' again and there is an extra section available which has replaced the 'language' section. The colour of the menu font also turns green to indicate you are in this mode. Loading Results. The Virtual Agent is currently unavailable. Definitely don't need to have this baby turned up very high for brightness. Nice simple bevel and the base is nice, holds onto your random things like pens and flash drives. The screen stays right where I position it.

HP ZRw inch LED Backlit IPS Monitor Product Specification HP® Customer Support

The picture is nice and crisp, back-light doesn't bleed any worse than any other monitor hp zr2440w. Haven't noticed any ghosting while gaming, and of course it's the best type of monitor for true color.

Can't really find any faults with it, it does what it's supposed to. At the rear of the cabinet is a carrying handle, and below that is a mounting plate that attaches to the stand. The plate has a quick release button that makes it easy to remove the panel for wall mounting. There's also an upstream to the PC USB port, two downstream USB ports, and two audio outputs digital and analog for hp zr2440w to external speakers or an audio receiver. This HP device can be adjusted easily, provides ultimate connectivity, and produces brilliant colors. Some of the most impressive features you'll immediately notice with this HP device are the flexible, ergonomic design, the exceptional on-screen performance, and the USB hub integration.HP Performance Monitors offer the ultimate performance among the HP display family.


HP has updated the inch diagonal display to include an LED backlight. HP ZRW overview and full product specs on CNET.

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