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VMware Memory Ballooning is one of memory reclamation technique esx balloon by hypervisor, when ESXi host is running low on memory. Verify that the host settings are adequate and not lower than those set for the virtual machines.

What is VMware Memory Ballooning?

Understanding Virtualization Memory Management Conceptsor download the slides attached. Balloon memory starts esx balloon slide Therefore, the guest OS is unaware of the total memory available.

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Memory ballooning makes the guest operating system aware of the host's memory shortage. Virtualization providers such as VMware enable memory ballooning. The hypervisor only sees the allocation of memory from the esx balloon when the guest tries to read or write to a page of memory for the first time. The hypervisor is never told when a page of memory is de-allocated and put on the guest OS's free list. It's not practical for a hypervisor to monitor each OS's implementation of the free memory list because it would likely change between each OS version and service pack. ESX is said to be memory overcommitted when VMs are powered on such that their total configured memory size is greater than ESX memory.

Figure 1 shows an example of memory overcommitment on ESX. Figure 1. Memory overcommitment shown with and without overhead memory.

This model is typically followed when describing esx balloon. Figure 1 a shows the schematic diagram of a memory-undercommitted ESX Server. Two VMs, each with a configured memory size of 1GB, are powered on.

Hence Esx balloon is considered to be memory undercommitted. Figure 1 b shows the schematic diagram of a memory-overcommitted ESX Server.

Troubleshooting SLES VM Memory Issues

Three VMs, with configured memory sizes of esx balloon, 2. The total configured memory size of powered-on VMs is therefore 4. Hence ESX is considered to be memory overcommitted.


The scenarios described above omit the memory overhead consumed by ESX. ESX consumes a fixed amount of memory for its own text and esx balloon structures.


In addition, it consumes overhead memory for each powered-on VM. ESX also reserves a small amount of memory esx balloon minfree. This amount is a buffer against rapid allocations by memory consumers.

ESX is in high state as long as there is at least this amount of memory free. If the free memory dips below this value, then ESX is no longer in high esx balloon, and it begins to actively reclaim memory. Figure 1 c shows the schematic diagram representing an undercommitted ESX when overhead memory is taken into account. Figure 1 d shows the schematic diagram representing an overcommitted ESX when overhead memory is taken into account. Figure 1 e shows the theoretical limit of memory overcommitment in ESX.

I'm not really sure what I'm looking esx balloon But we might talk about those in one of our future posts. If you are over-committing your hosts then this is an important topic to review. Powered by:.

Memory (Balloon)

Design a VMware environment with CPUs, storage in mind A solid infrastructure is esx balloon to smooth operations in the data center. How esx balloon troubleshoot unexpected ESXi host reboots using crash logs When your ESXi host abruptly reboots, you can use logs to track the potential causes, whether they are planned, environmental or Bingo - glad to help. Open Build Service.

SUSE Italia. Generally, this does not impact virtual machine performance. VMware achieves that through the installation of a balloon driver, via VMware tools.VMware Esx balloon Ballooning is one of memory reclamation technique used by hypervisor, when ESXi Memory Ballooning will be active, if your ESXi host Memory state is soft.


Difference between VMware ESX and ESXi. Today we'll learn What is VMware Memory Ballooning. It is esx balloon memory reclamation technique using a Balloon driver installed via VMware tools.

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