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Since their mirror was missing images I cut them out of the Rtl2832u pdf and made a mirror here. Alex Paha has also done clock distribution but unlike the others he used E tuner rtl2832u receivers for his dual coherent receiver.


This post is in Russian. Here's a video of him using it to make a 3 dongle direction finder. Each dither-disabled rtl-sdr is fed from the same rtl2832u clock. They still have unknown phase shifts and sampling time differences relative to each other.

This is calibrated by disconnecting them from antennas and connecting every receiver to the same noise source. Cross correlation of the noise gives their time and phase differences so that it can be corrected. Currently the signal is received and processed in short blocks with each block starting with a burst of calibration noise. As I understand it the switch chips are sa that rtl2832u for dongle i2c traffic. There are controlled by two RC delay circuits so that every time you change frequency causing i2c traffic it disconnects antennas, waits for some time, feeds a pulse just one edge from the logic chip into all dongles, waits a bit more and connects the antennas back. You can see the evolution of his setup from this earlier prototype to this later prototype and finally the version used in his direction finder.

Every time you tune any two or more dongles to rtl2832u new frequency there will be a tiny difference in the frequency each actually tuned to. The offset must corrected before trying to correlate them.


If you don't rtl2832u look like there's a constantly varying phase shift. Also don't forget to let the dongles warm up to equilibrium otherwise this additional temperature related frequency shift will cause changes even larger than relative tuning offset and you'll get the "random" phase shift again.

As of Piotr Krysik's " Multi-RTL " github has made maintaining coherence of multiple dongles accessible even to the amateur. His Rtl2832u Radio block handles all the complex details of keeping multiple rtlsdr coherent even when they're tuned to different frequencies and rtl2832u re-tunes.

It requires rtl2832u external circuitry. You just have to distribute the clock signal with cable.

Tuner DVB-T RTL2832U R820T2 RTL-SDR

On the clock coherencey side Michele Bavaro's has explored, tweaked, and replaced, librtlsdr's pll setting code, intermediate frequency, and PLL dithering settings, such that the math, and results, work out cleaner. Using this modified driver he was able to minimize rtl2832u setting errors and improve his GPS carrier following code. Without dithering you can only tune to increments of With dithering, you can tune to aproximately anything. In the absence of any useful information about the RTLU clock here's some information about the RT's clock system. Crystal parallel capacitors are recommended when a default crystal frequency of 16 MHz is implemented.

Please contact Rafael Micro application engineering for crystal parallel capacitors using other crystal frequencies. For cost sensitive project, the RT can share crystal with backend demodulators or baseband ICs to reduce component count. Rtl2832u recommended reference design for crystal loading capacitors and share crystal is shown as below.

Topic: rtlu ยท GitHub

I've also written up a seperate, longer, page on the rtl2832u and solutions when implementing broadband antenna. United Kingdom English. Price incl.

asus p320 pdaImplementation so far.
hp t770DVB-T COFDM Demodulator + USB 2.0
hitachi travelstar n155Realtek Rtl2832u
visiontek radeon 7000We also recommend
hanns g hz194apbAdded to Cart

DC9SX says:. July 5, at pm.

Rtl-sdr and GNU Radio w/Realtek RTLU, E and RT

If you would like me to add a link, please rtl2832u me. Rtl2832u to: navigationsearch.


Corporate Governance. Financial Calendar.The RTLU is a high-performance DVB-T Rtl2832u demodulator that supports a USB interface. The RTLU is compatible with NorDig Unified Written by admin Leave a comment Posted in Amateur Radio, RTL-SDR, SatelliteSDRplay Tagged with es'hail 2, qo, rtl-sdr, rtl, rtlu, websdr.

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