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Noise Piping hitachi l100 be grounded or shielded wire Completely ground the shield made of metal screen, enclosed panel, etc.

Hitachi L100 Series VFD Manual

In the cases below involving a general-purpose inverter, a large peak current flows on the power supply side, sometimes destroying the converter module. Where such situations are foreseen, or the paired equipment must be highly reliable, install an AC reactor between the power supply and the inverter. The power supply capacity is at least hitachi l100 times hitachi l100 than the inverter capacity and the power supply capacity, kVA or more. Abrupt power supply changes are expected. Some examples include: a. Several inverters are interconnected with a short bus. A thyristor converter and an inverter are interconnected with a short bus.

Hitachi LNFE – SparePartsGMR

Do not set to b contact without a purpose. While operating the product, make sure that the covers and safety devices are placed as they were specified originally and operate it according to the instruction manual. This inverter drive features state-of-the-art circuitry and hitachi l100 to provide high performance. The housing footprint is exceptionally small, given the size of the corresponding motor. Model Number Convention The model number for a specific inverter contains useful information about its operating characteristics.

Be sure to verify that the specifications on the labels match your power source, motor, hitachi l100 application safety requirements. The table on page 1—6 gives the general specifications that apply to both voltage class groups. Hitachi l100 for all specifications tables are on the next page. In any case, the output voltage cannot exceed the input power supply voltage. It is not continuous regenerative braking torque.


And, the average deceleration torque varies with motor loss. This value decreases when hitachi l100 beyond 50 Hz. Note that a braking unit is not included in the inverter.

If a large regenerative torque is required, the optional regenerative braking unit should be used. If this characteristic is not convenient for your application, contact your Hitachi sales representative. Note that removing the top cover will nullify the NEMA rating for the inverter housing. For the model types excluded in the standard specifications, contact your Hitachi sales representative. You connect AC power to the inverter, and connect the inverter to the motor. At a basic level, the modern inverter serves the same role for hitachi l100 motor. Many industrial applications use AC motors of all sizes to do many different things. In some cases, the motor connects directly to an AC power source — running at full speed whenever it is on.


Solutions varied from mechanical belts and gearshydraulic pumps and motorsand electrical two-speed motor windings, etc. But early electronic components had reliability shortcomings due to the large currents and high voltages imposed on the devices. However, the modern power components in use today have changed all that. The state-of-the-art components in Hitachi hitachi l100 provide all the benefits of speed control, while overcoming hitachi l100 classical problems listed above.

What is an Inverter? The term inverter and variable-frequency drive are related and hitachi l100 interchangeable. For example, a particular motor may be designed for 60 Hz operation. We say it is a synchronous motor if its speed of revolution is directly related to its power input frequency.For the best results with the L Series inverter, carefully read this manual and all of location are the responsibility of the user and are not provided by Hitachi. LMFR to LMFR. After reading this manual, keep it at hand for future reference. NBSX.


Hitachi, Ltd. Tokyo Japan.


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