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Anderson PMS problem

Thanks in advance G. Madness takes it's toll Please have exact change. I could be wrong but doesnt the b1 port operate the port 2 and the b2 operate the port 1.

I think 42's are good into the range I think it depends on how you're getting that range though I'm sure they support a bit more boosted. I dunno if they make 50lb but you want something like that, just to be on the safe side. So you will need a LTD's lebaron anderson pms injector 54lb injectors. If I remember correctly Cobras have 39 injectors stock and they say we are god until HP to the rear. When I get new injectors I will be going with the 60 ones. Super Charged: pump gas 14 lb of boost degrees total advance at rpm.

P.M.S.-How To's, User Guides, Tuning Tips, Articles.

The trick to tuning the timing, is the curve not just the total advance. You have to experiment with and see what your combination likes. If you need more, there is the SCT good to more than I am not sure of the cost on that thing though. Some have good luck with the Lightning meter which caps out at rwhp. Anderson pms injector dont think any meter says that rwhp number is with nos though. It is na numbers or blower numbers. It is a figure of supported airflow. Nos is its own air and fuel supply and blowers dont have their own fuel anderson pms injector so the air carried in is compensated by the injectors.

Hope that makes sence. That means the PMS will pull 7 degrees out of your base of This will leave you with So you will have 18 degrees.


If you have timing put in at WOT. U go holley efi?

PMS Tuning Tips

PM me for details. You will see the Conversion File creator open. This is not necessary, but a convenience. This stuff will be seen on the Data Log graphs anderson pms injector on and make for a nice way to reference.

Set the Precision to "2". Don't ask why. Now, in the lower left corner you'll see the Set Points. Then you should see Volt and Value with 2 blank cells under them. You anderson pms injector use the Insert key to create more cells. What this means is the Volt cells are the volt readings from your wideband.

Who tunes the anderson pms with turbo - Northern California Ford Owners

If at 1. You should create as many Set Points as necessary to give an accurate breakdown for the Interacq to use.

When you are finished creating your SetPoints, then go to the right and anderson pms injector on Value under the Values side of the window. You are done. Save the File under whatever name you want.

A window pops up saying something about altering parameters crap and tech assit and whatever. You can't make any more HP so you shouldn't be messing with the tune or adding parts 2. It's easy to install. In most cases the tuner anderson pms injector it If you like going to the strip alot and want your ET's on a hot day to be close to the same as on a cold day or your one of those guys that just likes to contol your own destiny than a PMS in ADDITION to a chip would be your next step. The reason I say addition is because there is stuff a chip can do that a PMS can't.

The PMS can't scale injector slopes or control your Elec. It has Fuel and Spark vs Water temp. When you first get into your car look at the water temp on the PMS screen and then adjust the fuel or spark until it runs good cold.No matter how old or new your Mustang's ECU is, adding a PMS can help you get the most out of your performance modifications. Here's what you need to know. Anderson PMS with Injector Driver What is your guys thoughts of this??? This question is towards the ford guys.I'm just trying to see if maybe I.


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