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In fact, the company claims to have " sold out " of low cost Fusion processors and shipped over 5 million units. No matter how you do the math, it's amd a8-3500m chipset.

A8 - AMD - WikiChip

Today, AMD is lifting the veil on their next generation mainstream mobile processor, code named Llano. Our attempts to place Llano in context involve a couple amd a8-3500m chipset very similarly configured laptops—one based on an A8 APU and another based on a Sandy Bridge Core i5—and a host of data from other sources.

For comparison to the Llano review unit, we ordered up the closest analog we could find in stock at Newegg, the HP ProBook b pictured above. Thing is, these are much more potent cores, with a base clock of 2. Oh, and I suppose this is amd a8-3500m chipset good a place as any to talk about the follies that went on behind the scenes as we prepared this amd a8-3500m chipset for publication.

That configuration robs its Amd a8-3500m chipset i5 processor of the bandwidth supplied by a second memory channel, reducing performance at times. That is, after all, apparently a valid, shipping configuration in pre-built systems.


We think the primary problem was simply having used the wrong combination of BIOS settings in an attempt to disable the discrete GPU for battery life tests. With the exception of battery life, all amd a8-3500m chipset were run at least three times, and we reported the median of those runs. DirectX Runtime June As I said, our comparative results for this article came from multiple sources. For our comparisons to desktop systems, you can see our test configurations on this page of our Core iX review. For the configurations of the other mobile systems, see our review of the Asus K53E laptop.

Many of our performance tests are scripted and repeatable, but for some of the games, including Battlefield: Bad Company 2we used the Fraps utility to record frame rates while playing a second sequence from the game. We raised our sample size, testing each Fraps sequence five times per video card, in order to counteract any variability. The tests and methods we employ are usually publicly available and reproducible.

If you have questions about our methods, hit our forums to talk with us about them. The first test is our own home-cooked web browsing test, TR Browserbench 1.

AMD AM review TechRadar

The next one is our video amd a8-3500m chipset, which involves continuous, looped playback of an episode of CSI: New York encoded with H. We aim to keep display brightness consistent across all of our test systems, where possible. Oh, and we conditioned the batteries on all systems by fully discharging them and then recharging prior to testing. As you can see, using a dual-channel config similar to the amd a8-3500m chipset on the Llano system reduces run times somewhat.


In fact, the direct competition between the dual-channel config of the HP ProBook and the Amd a8-3500m chipset test system looks mighty close to parity. The Core amd a8-3500m chipset system manages 30 minutes more run time while web surfing, but the A8 lasts longer during the video test, perhaps thanks to its UVD block efficiently offloading H. We pulled up Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and left it running, full-screen, to see how long each laptop would last.

AMD wins this one by a mile. Our first round of performance tests will compare our two mobile systems against a range amd a8-3500m chipset desktop processors in many of the components of our CPU test suite.

AMD A8-3500M APU

We think these comparisons can be a nice backdrop for our AM-versus-Core amd a8-3500m chipset contest, but remember the mobile processors have to work within much smaller power envelopes. This synthetic test measures the throughput achieved by the CPU and its memory subsystem. Lest you think we have a problem with the Llano system, look closer at the rest of the results.AMD AM notebook APU: latest news, detailed specifications, side by side that had graphics controller integrated in the chipset, the A8-Series APUs. The AMD AM (Codename Llano) is a quad-core processor for mid-range laptops. It is part of the Fusion family of APUs (=Accelerated.

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